A String of Scandals

Over the last couple of weeks, Canadians have witnessed a series of concerning events that have cast a long shadow over the integrity of our federal institutions. From breaches in national security to the mishandling of crucial contracts, the incidents point to a pattern of negligence and lack of transparency and accountability from the current government. As these controversies unfold, my Conservative colleagues and I are holding the government to account and demanding answers.

Past efforts by the current government to hide the release of documents on a potential Winnipeg lab security breach in 2021 included defying orders given by parliament, and the government taking the Speaker of the House to court. These documents were recently released.

The documents show that under the current federal government's watch, the People's Republic of China (PRC), including the People's Liberation Army, was allowed to infiltrate Canada's top-level lab in Winnipeg. This breach not only enabled the transfer of sensitive intellectual property but also allowed dangerous pathogens to be shared with the PRC, posing a threat to our national security.

Particularly distressing is the federal government's decision to grant access to an individual deemed a "very serious and credible danger" to Canada's economic and national security. This decision represents a significant lapse in judgment and underscores a broader failure to protect Canadians' interests and security.

Conservatives continue to be unwavering in their commitment to upholding our national security. We are diligently reviewing every aspect of the disclosed documents to uncover the full extent of this breach and ensure that such a lapse in security never recurs.

On a different issue, the revelation that a Department of National Defence (DND) employee, who also served as the CEO of Dalian Enterprises, and was awarded a $7.9 million contract for the ArriveCAN app is alarming. It raises profound concerns about the Canadian government's procurement processes' integrity and potential conflicts of interest.

This incident is indicative of a worrying lack of oversight and accountability in the awarding of government contracts, and it casts a shadow over the trust Canadians place in their government to manage and spend their tax dollars wisely.

It has been revealed by audits of the ArriveCAN app, where costs ballooned with contractor fees, that there is a serious issue within government management and oversight of projects. I’ve been questioning government officials and the Minister responsible on another IT project, the Benefits Delivery Modernization programme, where costs and outside contractors have also ballooned.

This string of federal government scandals serves as a stark reminder of the need for vigilant oversight and unyielding accountability in governance.

Our Conservative Official Opposition will continue to hold the government accountable and stand up for common sense. The trust of Canadians in the operations of government is paramount, and it is clear that trust has been increasingly compromised.