Press Release: IT Project Billions Over Budget, Loaded with Third Party Consultants

Contractors who worked on ArriveCan app also worked on overbudget Liberal government IT project with costs ballooning into the billions
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IT Project Billions Over Budget, Loaded with Third Party Consultants

February 6, 2024

Ottawa, ON –Tracy Gray, Conservative Shadow Minister for Employment Future Workforce Development & Disability Inclusion, released the following statement on the Minister of Citizen Service's appearance at a parliamentary committee concerning the Liberal Government spending on consultants, contractors, and excessive spending on the largest IT project in Canadian history.

“Trudeau’s Minister tasked with overseeing the Benefits Delivery Modernization program is responsible for billions in excess cost, and major delays in the project. In 2017, the IT project carried a projected cost of $1.75 billion, with costs ballooning and reports and audits analyzing it’s on track to be almost double that.  In November last year, it was also reported that the Minister’s officials are now projecting a 357% increase, hitting a staggering $8 billion.

“The Liberal Government has handed out a $147 million to a high-priced consulting firm for “strategic advice” and they even gave a contract to two companies under investigation by the Department of Procurement for work they did on the $54 million ArriveCan app. When asked what action the Minister took when learning about this contract, he was completely unaware of its very existence. Trudeau’s Minister is either oblivious or incapable of managing this project, while it needs to be scrutinized if consultants and contractors are preparing to get rich again on taxpayer money.

“After eight years of the Liberal Government, Canadian taxpayers have never paid more for consultants and contractors. Since Justin Trudeau took office, there has been a 60% increase in taxpayer money going to consultants and contractors, now reaching a staggering $61 billion a year. GC Strategies, a two-person IT company that did no actual work themselves made over $11 million dollars on ArriveCan, and nearly $60 million since 2017.

“The size of this project and the Minister’s neglectfulness warrants further scrutiny of this massive IT project in order to protect taxpayer money. Common sense Conservatives dig into every contract awarded to consultants to protect taxpayers' money.”