Protecting Natural Health Products

Local residents, small businesses, and health professionals are concerned that they will lose access to natural health products due to burdensome regulations and red tape put forward by the Government of Canada.

Burdensome costs placed on the manufacture and sale of Natural Health products mean supplement manufacturers, particularly small businesses, may deem it simply too expensive and burdensome to continue doing business in Canada.

Health Canada's existing regulations keep Canadians safe. Burdensome red tape will only risk access to health products that, the Auditor General of Canada has stated, are utilized regularly by 70% of all Canadians.

That's why I've launched a paper petition to ensure Canadian's voices are heard on this vital issue in Ottawa. You can access a copy of my petition at the link below. You can print several copies of this page if needed, or if you have only a few signatures, the page does not need to be filled out entirely in order to be valid, as I’ll submit all pages together.


Petition to the Government of Canada on Natural Health Products. 


I'll be tabling this petition in the House of Commons when I return to Ottawa. All original copy petition pages must be submitted in person to my constituency office at the address below as photocopied or digital copies cannot be certified by the Parliamentary Clerk of Petitions in Ottawa.


1420 St. Paul Street
Suite 102
Kelowna, British Columbia
V1Y 2E6